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EuroCucina 2024

CM Spa products will be present at EuroCucina 2024 at Rho Fiera Milano. At the center of the important event this year will be that sense of welcome, care and relationship that animates the people who use the kitchen environment. The event is proof of the importance and centrality of this space in contemporary living.

Our most loyal customers have chosen to display the CM sinks in their kitchens also in this 2024 edition. At EuroCucina you will therefore find our products presented by the best brands, including combinations of colors and innovative and eco-sustainable materials, for environments that are lived in 100% every day, with passion and love, thanks to new forms of practicality.

Discover the products of CM Spa at EuroCucina 2024, from 16 to 21 April in the spaces of Rho Fiera Milano: proposals and narratives, reflection of new visions and habits, will tell the trends between shapes and materials, colors, and technologies.


CM sinks

choose the best for your kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly a very important room in the house where many moments of conviviality are experienced. The choice of furniture and worktop in this room, which also includes the sink, must be made carefully considering various factors. It is necessary to evaluate the space you have available, the aesthetic aspects, because everything must be coordinated with the rest of the home furnishings and the functional aspects must also be considered. Kitchen sinks must allow freedom of movement and work, combining beauty and functionality.

The CM sinks: innovative materials
CM Spa kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel and Granitgem, an innovative and incredibly versatile material. CM is the best choice for your kitchen, with innovative shapes and solutions for sinks completely Made in Italy. Our models stand out for their shape, color, depth, size and a vast choice of accessories that can be added to offer practicality in everyday gestures.


CM S.p.A. on “Il sole 24 ore” newspaper, dated 24th of November

Companies that grow, innovate and pull the economy.

CM S.p.A., the quality in stainless steel that speaks Italian: sinks for the most exigent requests.
Companies are the synthesis and the product of the persons who drive them: CM S.p.A. demonstrates that, name of reference in stainless steel kitchen sinks field. Founded in 1967 by Mr. Francesco Marenda, who at today still runs with the sons Massimo and Nicola. CM carries on it’s own mission join handmade tradition and process and product innovation. CM exploits eco-friendly technologies and proposes state-of-the-art products such as sinks in composite material to guarantee quality and aesthetic refinement which are available in many different models, from the “entry level” to the most exigent requests. Next appointments for CM include the participation to Big Five of Dubai but the implementation of production processes according to the criteria of digitalisation, energy efficiency, environmental and social sustainability, too. CM is completing that evolutionary process that from industry 4.0 leads to industry 5.0 not only focusing on the technology but also, and above all, the person, in full agreement with the philosophy that has always guided Marenda family's way of doing business. CM seeks the excellence and it does so by challenging the limits, animated by a passion that draws strength from a perfect consonance between the experience given by a long history and a far-sighted vision aimed to the future.


New Eclisse models introduced at Sicam 2023

A combination of pure elements with exclusive details.

Satisfactions and lots of positive sensations is what we bring back home from SICAM 2023. Also this year we have shown you our stainless steel 18/10 “jewels”, main material of CM Company. We introduce you one of these, the new Eclisse bowl, enriched by the detail in the bowl bottom;
a shaped line creates two light levels that wrap harmoniously the drain hole with a depth of 200 mm.



CM presents the new products line.

A product created to integrate into the kitchen environment, designed to be combined with the most various materials and colors.
Nevada, a simple and functional line, capable of leaving enormous potential for installation ideas. Available in six color blends.



The new line of stainless steel sinks built in to counters and worktops

This is a line for professional operators looking for products that blend in harmoniously with the setting. Today’s vision of reality is part of everything we perceive as emotional and tangible. In opposition to the virtual reality, our aesthetic research is moving towards integration and the desire to belong: everything is “uniform and invisible” only to reveal itself as “present and indispensable”. Textured moods and alternative solutions designed to look great, without neglecting practicality or hygiene. CM is also making this global vision of our times a reality, by introducing a range of stainless steel sinks and bottoms, inset into the worktop and custom finished to match the counter. There are two categories: professional kitchen and professional bathroom. With CM, customers can match the models in the range to suit a broad spectrum of requirements, by varying the details and dimensions.
ProfessionalStyle has been created for those architects, interior designers and planners who go beyond the “already seen” when taking on the challenges of modern design.


New VORTEX waste kit

Not for everybody …. But for many!

The new VORTEX waste kit changes the style of some of CM’s LUXURY STYLE models.
It takes its name from the “play” vortex of holes, practical in handling and esthetically in harmony with the sink.
It is available in manual version or with the automatic command.
A subtle detail able to add quality to CM’s products.



From gemstones the colour blend

CM now presents its new GRANITGEM line. This is a product created to blend into the am-bience and will coordinate with any number of different materials.CM’S Granitgem range has 3 lines and 12 available models: NEVADA, OREGON and COLORADO. Simple and functional lines, able to keep big margin to several ideas for installation.


New CLAMP 15-40

CM chooses convenience

Nowadays, there is a trend for ever thinner tops, and innovative products are needed to ensure convenient installation.
CM meets market needs with its new CLAMP 15-40. A product suitable for securing sinks to even the thinnest tops.
It allows installation on tops from 15 to 40 mm WITHOUT THE NEED FOR ADDITIONAL SHIMS. Its adaptability and convenience set it apart.



Also this year CM’ has SICAM as goal.

An Exhibition since always appreciated by Companies, agents and customers, focal point of interest for the sector with always satisfying feedbacks. CM will be present, as it has been doing for years, with a very big choice of stainless steel sinks and won’t miss the 2022 news! SAVE THE DATE!


Eurocucina 2022

What we “bring home” from the exhibition Salone del Mobile 2022 '

Surely, the proud to have seen our products in “Made in Italy” kitchens.
The most loyal customers have chosen a CM sink to be exposed to their own kitchens. For us, this is the confirmation of a work carried out with passion and determination. We have seen ideas and eco-friendly materials proposed in various colors and environments that suggest open spaces to live at the best. We “bring home” the desire to tear down walls for building horizons, focusing our experience into a target of quality and aesthetic, going on to interpret the dreams of our customers always more brilliant in finding unique products.



Born for the future

IN-TECH is CM’s new offer, a tribute to Italian style and its capacity to reinvent itself. Our aim is to provide an aesthetically pleasing, technically functional solution that celebrates the characteristics of stainless steel. “Unique and uniform” is the motto for this range, which features a new, built-in sink waste, the result of thorough design planning and high quality manufacturing technology. Today, CM is focused on these two qualities, based on practicality and aesthetic perfection.


HARMONY on detail

Harmony creates attention, and attention looks at details

A nice object, overall, creates harmony and balance, its installation is able to condition the style that surrounds it.
Emotion and character transform a common product into a real aesthetic jewel.
CM sinks reply to this need and to the “desire” projected to the detail and in the quality of materials.


SICAM 2021

Also this year SICAM2021 has been a key event for our sector.
We thank all those who came to visit us, long-standing customers and new collaborations.
We are grateful for the interest shown for the new products and our Company.


SICAM 2021

International Exhibition of Components, Semifinished Products and Accessories for the Furniture Industry



multi “personalities”

CM presents Trilogy, a multi-accessory, practical and compact, making it an object with multiple personalities. It has a large bowl, which incorporates a perfora- ted bowl, a grid and a chopping board. The side handles make it easy to take it out of its “multi-use” bowl. In fact, this multi- bowl is homed that intended to house the Trilogy, offers various options for matching it to other bowls of different types and sizes. To make this acces- sory even more attractive, we recommended the sink cover, which can also be used as a chopping board. This is Trilogy: a single object destined to become an indispensable product in a functional environment.


New CM

Excellence between innovation and color

Built-in slim - filotop- undertop sink serie, stainless steel AISI 304-18/10 with PVD treatment

It differs for the exclusive coloring thanks to the innovative PVD physical treatment (Physical Vapor Deposition).
It is available in Copper Bronze, Gold, Gun Metal versions. Adaptable to several installation needs: slim, filotop and undertop.



Thanks to all the visitors of our stand.


We would like to warmly thank all those who visited us at our stand at the recent Sicam 2019 fair, and above all of the interest shown in our products. We believe that “made in Italy” makes the difference and we will continue to pursue this mission by trying to develop our design and production experience, giving value to what we’ve built, looking at what we could devise, always seeking the satisfaction of our customers.