Steel jewelsProfessional style

This is a line for professional operators looking for products that blend in harmoniously with the setting.Today’s vision of reality is part of everything we perceive as emotional and tangible. In opposition to the virtual reality, our aesthetic research is moving towards integration and the desire to belong: everything is “uniform and invisible” only to reveal itself as “present and indispensable”.Textured moods and alternative solutions designed to look great, without neglecting practicality or hygiene.CM is also making this global vision of our times a reality, by introducing a range of stainless steel sinks and bottoms, inset into the worktop and custom finished to match the counter. There are two categories: professional kitchen and professional bathroom.With CM, customers can match the models in the range to suit a broad spectrum of requirements, by varying the details and dimensions.Professional Style has been created for those architects, interior designers and planners who go beyond the “already seen” when taking on the challenges of modern design.