Experience. Since 1967.

The ability to grow over time. A dynamic approach transformed into ambitious projects.
CM is a family-run company, built with hard work, vision and achievement over more than half a century in business. Investment and creativity have allowed us to keep pace with the times, as an ambassador for style and modern kitchen design.
As a standard-bearer for Italian manufacturing, our brand offers innovative forms and solutions. We are proud of the fact that even today, all our kitchens are entirely Italian-made.
What makes our brand distinctive is the ability to understand our market, and to interpret and respond to changing trends. We are honoured to work with the best-known companies in our indu-stry, not forgetting the host of smaller local and national artisanal producers
who really understand what is involved in producing a quality product.
CM naturally looks to the future. In a challenging context, we continue to focus on our core mate-rial: stainless steel. Assisted by our expert technicians and contractors, we design eco-friendly tech-nologies, in the knowledge that this helps to improve our environmental and social impact.  
Every CM product is built on our guiding philosophy: it is not just about “how” a product is made. Today, more than ever before, our aim is to transmit the essence of “why”.