CM sinks

choose the best for your kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly a very important room in the house where many moments of conviviality are experienced. The choice of furniture and worktop in this room, which also includes the sink, must be made carefully considering various factors. It is necessary to evaluate the space you have available, the aesthetic aspects, because everything must be coordinated with the rest of the home furnishings and the functional aspects must also be considered. Kitchen sinks must allow freedom of movement and work, combining beauty and functionality.

The CM sinks: innovative materials
CM Spa kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel and Granitgem, an innovative and incredibly versatile material. CM is the best choice for your kitchen, with innovative shapes and solutions for sinks completely Made in Italy. Our models stand out for their shape, color, depth, size and a vast choice of accessories that can be added to offer practicality in everyday gestures.